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Archive 2021 SpeedWaiver - Electronic waivers for Motorsport

What are e-waivers? What are they good for? Why use them? Are they better or worse than paper waivers? Get answers to these questions and more plus an understanding of what makes SpeedWaiver unique for motorsport events.


Presenter: Wes Ratcliff | Senior Web Developer, Hagerty MotorsportReg

New Driver

SpeedWaivers seen to be optimized for events with walk up registration, we verify their waiver at reg. We're running events with 100% online registration, the latest iteration of MSR/Speedwaiver integration helps, but is still worded along the lines that the waiver is optional, and helps you to skip the line. Is it possible to update MSR/SpeedWaiver integration wrt so that an MSR attendee gets reminder emails, until they've completed their waiver. Or can we add an option to MSR to email event attendees who don't have a speedwaiver matched up. And also remove the generic speedwaiver option, make it only per MSR entry, to ensure the MSR entry and Speedwaiver can be reconciled.

Pit Crew

Ric - thanks for the feedback! Wes will speak to some of these items tomorrow. As you see in the recent updates, we're continuing to improve the flow and reminders are on the table. Unfortunately, legally, we can't force people to sign electronically, but we have already discussed how to make signing electronically a more default experience.


There may always be "unattached" SpeedWaiver signatures for guests and non-registered attendees, however, our goal is to get that down to zero with other ideas we have.