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What’s Your Auto Love/ Collecting Criteria?

We had some friends come into town a few weeks ago, they made the long trip from Chicago clearly in desperate need of a road trip as cabin fever got the better of them.  We quickly ended up falling into the ol’ pattern of the open garage driveway conversation, talking cars and enjoying the summer weather. My buddy Andrew asked a question that really got me thinking, “So why THESE cars?” It was an interesting question as it wasn’t specific to the rationale for making the investment of money, time, blood, sweat, tears, and proactive spousal / in-law rationalization for just ONE vehicle.  He was bringing it up to a personalized category level and basically asking, “what are the qualifications for making it into (MY) collection.” What was the rational for the chase and the various financial leaps for these beauties currently lubricating my garage floor (don’t get me started, I’m working on it)? The question could also be applied to the aspirational list, the external lubrication experts I’m still daydreaming about and regularly search the web for… because I’ve convinced myself that someone is going list a ride well below the value I would place on it and that by some miracle the entire web population will overlook it. Perfectly realistic.


I hadn’t really thought about my motivations that way before, I just knew what I liked and aspired to get my hands on. But this question led me into some self-reflection, not to mention potentially helping rationalize any future decisions. It also got me wondering how others in the community might answer this question.  What are the characteristics that draw you in?  Is there a consistent pattern?  Is it a specific make/makes?  Is it a specific era?  A moment in history?  Similar design characteristics?  All of the above?  Other criteria? What surprised me is that my response flowed out of me as if it had been there the whole time, like I had crammed for this pop quiz for days and was rattling off a well-prepared scripted response almost as if spousal approval for the next add was dependent on passing this test. 


Before I provide my response, here’s the list:


  • 1960 MGA 1600 Roadster – Black on red
  • 1973 Jaguar XKE V12 fixed head - Silver on red
  • 2017 – Porsche 911 C2S - White on black w R styled stripes
  • + some daily drivers - Black on tan & Agate grey on red/black.

Here was my answer (roughly - edited here for eloquence).

  • My love affair with Porsche as a brand started with the slantnose poster in my childhood bedroom.  Literally last thing I saw before I feel asleep every night fixed to the wall directly in my line of sight. Also, under normal world circumstances, leaving rubber on pavement during HPDE events is my one hobby.  The love of the brand runs deep and extends into our household daily drivers.
  • Racing history is another criteria category for me.  I love sports cars with a connection to on track victories, whether they be specific streetcar versioning or taking subtle design cues from their lighter, faster, and angrier cousins. And for some reason all seem to have a connection to Le Mans in some way. Happy accident? Subconscious pshycological thing?
  • Red interior - I can’t explain it, don’t ask me to try. This even extends into my daily driver.  I just love that look.
  • White, Blacks, and grey tones on the exteriors. The absence of “color” seems to be my palette of choice.  Specifically to the white – Is there anything more 80’s kid from Miami than a white sports car?  Lots of Miami Vice consumption growing up.  
  • Long sweeping lines. Something about smooth elongated sweeps just gets me. It gives them the appearance of moving even when they are sitting still. It’s a perfect combination of aerodynamics mixed with an elegance.


And there it is. My list + pics below)  Curious what the criteria is for everyone else.  



Advanced Driver

I really don't have a good answer. I could never afford the cars I really wanted so settled for what was near and what was cheap. Old Fords, Chevys,  Buicks, Oldsmobile, even a few VW beetles and a squareback, along with a Renault 4-dr and a little Sprite.

For the most part, they should end up red with a red interior.

Early on, my dream was to own a Model A coupe and later a 1940 Ford coupe.

As for spousal approval, my wife seemed to love anything I drug home.