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New Driver

Tbird 55

Whenever I have a chance I sit down by the computer and look up one of your videos on youtube.They are amazing and they let me travel all over USA though I am in distant Sweden and seeing cars that have always sent my imagination back to the fifties and sixties! I have had Chevys Olds Etypes MGs Alfas and right now there is a 55 Tbird in my garage. I have a special interest in history, but I have not had much luck before when it comes to finding the background of my cars..I think that this car has an interesting history. There is a tag och the dashboard  which says "Robert Lee, CBS Television, Hollywood California".I tried  the pervious owner, no clue.I tried the man who brought the car to Sweden. He claimed that it was given to mrLee as a retirement present.I tried Ford,I tried CBS. I tried the Tbird club and they put out an ad in the bi monthly magazine.So far I have had no luck. 

Color is Thunderbird blue. Vin is P5FH187789.

Waiting to hear if anyone has news.

Community Manager

Thank you for your kind words for Hagerty's YouTube videos!  Your Thunderbird sounds like it might be something with a great story for sure, I will ask around and see if someone can assist! 

Hagerty Employee

We have some limited access to registration records, and we show the vehicle was in Kennewick, Washington from 1994-2009, beyond that we do not have any records further back. I'm afraid I was not able to find much on Mr. Lee either. Great story, hopefully someone will see it here and maybe have some information. I wish I could be more help.

Advanced Driver

Your title got my attention. One of my last still living best friends  has the blue '56 T-bird he's owned for years. At my age, traveling by computer is about the only way I can stay in touch with the old car hobby.

Like you, I recently bought a car on-line that I know nothing about. Sometimes it's best not knowing and creating your own memories as you drive, work on, and enjoy your cars.