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Pit Crew

Road Trip Junky (suggestions?)

I grew up near the motor city, 4 miles north, directly across the street from the 1 square mile GM technology center in Warren MI.  This has got to be the reason why I fell in love with the automobile, because my family had no interest at all.  Fast forward to adulthood, I've always owned enthusiast cars starting in the mid 90s when I bought my first Mustang. Fast forward again, about 25 cars later, and now I'm in my early 40s.  Yes, I still can't let go of my old 86 Foxbody Mustang, but I also have come to appreciate proper balance, steering feel, appropriate body roll and not just Detroit muscle (which will always be cool).  Hence the purchase of my 06 Porsche Cayman S.  I've taken some epic road trips over the last few years around Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and of course, south to the Tail of the Dragon.  After the Dragon, all I can think about is my next road trip.  I'd love to hear any suggestions that are with a reasonable distance (8 hours) from southeast Michigan. Thanks! @MustangFrank