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Pit Crew

Restoring the Legacy, 1966 SS396

Just started to do a complete, frame off restoration on my dad's car (66SS396).  I was 2 when he ordered it and picked it up from Guaranty Chevrolet in Santa Ana.  I remember that day very well, and have been with the car ever since.  As we have been doing the work on the car, we have been searching and finding previous artifacts, pictures and documents of it as well.  This will be a journey of love, and memories.  Looking forward to showing off the finished car!WindowSticker1966-SS396-JTS.jpg20181021_180816SS396c.jpg20200501_103913crop.jpg20200626_155529.jpg20200626_155408.jpg20200626_180151.jpg

Community Manager

This is awesome! You are in for a fantastic journey, and it's so great to see you are saving a piece of family history!  Please do keep us in the loop as to the Chevelle's progress!