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Not a Ford guy, but...

   I grew up a Chevy-lover.  Not quite sure why, but my dad did own a '55 3100 p/u, in which I learned to drive.  And when I was a teen, it seemed like 80-90% of my friends had bowtie cars.  There were a few Mopars and FoMoCo products sprinkled in, and although I won't say I had any particular reason to do so, I kind of just fell into the "GM guys hate Fords" mindset.  As life progressed, I owned plenty of GM products - mostly Chevrolets - and more than a few "foreign" cars, from Fiats to Mazdas to Porsches to Toyotas.  Even had a Renault once.

   But in all my years and all my vehicles, I only managed to own one Ford.  A 2-ton '72 truck with dualies, a 390, and 10-lug Budd split-rims.  It had had a parking lot sweeper vacuum unit on it, which had been switched to a newer truck.  Had quite a few miles, but most of them had been in parking lots, so it was in pretty good shape.  I built a flat bed on the frame, and used it to haul firewood and racecar parts while towing a trailer to the dragstrip on weekends.  It also hauled nearly all the gear for my and my hunting buddies' annual weeklong deer camp.  I honestly can't tell you one, single thing I disliked about it - except for the four letters on the hood...

   Like a lot of car nuts, I admired the Shelby story, and the GT40 successes, and I've been left in the exhaust of plenty of Fords at the strip.  But also like a lot of other people, I kept my admiration of any Ford "cool stuff" to myself.  I mean really, a life-long Chevy guy say something nice about a Dearborn product?  Out loud?  Are you kidding me?

   So when my friend Don and his youngest son decided to restore a 1964 Thunderbird, was I excited?  A bit less than none-at-all.  I mean, another friend has a K-code, Hyland Green '68 Mustang, which I kinda can at least live with, but of all things, a THUNDERBIRD?  Sheesh, get real, willya?

   But after several years of meticulous massaging (Don is certainly meticulous, if nothing else), they revealed the end result, and I had to admit, it was stunningly beautiful.  I've driven it and although not a "performance car", it has plenty of zip, and it handles like a dream.  And this isn't even hard for me to say - I think it looks really good.


Personal luxury - yet sportyPersonal luxury - yet sportyNot many Fords make me happy - but this one does!Not many Fords make me happy - but this one does!The color combos are just perfect in my eyesThe color combos are just perfect in my eyesNever thought I'd be proud to cruise with and park next to a T-Bird!Never thought I'd be proud to cruise with and park next to a T-Bird!

Three Amigos - yup, I'm pals with 2, count 'em, 2 Ford guys!Three Amigos - yup, I'm pals with 2, count 'em, 2 Ford guys!


   Now before all you Ford lovers decide to jump my case, please understand: I don't REALLY hate Fords.  I'm just a victim of peer influences.  My heroes-in-cars during my formative years drove Chevrolet products, and it was groovy to look down on other marques, even if they were often superior products.  Although not a FoMoCo owner, and not even approaching "fandom", I'm slowly going through rehab (kind of a 12-step process) and declaring to the world that Fords can be pretty good vehicles (kinda-sorta).  There, I've said it.  I feel better.  Now, excuse me while I go caress my...


New Driver



I'm a product of my upbringing, but I'm trying to get better, I swear.  If you'll just lend me a Daytona Coupe, a GT40, or even a Boss 429 for a year or two, I'm sure I can be fully cured.