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New Driver

My Skylines

I joined the Marines in the 80s and ended up in Japan. The car circuit there was pretty intense with all the old school rides. I ended up buying a 1981 Nissan skyline and continue to improve it through the years. When my time was up in Japan, I was stationed at Camp Lejeune North Carolina. There I ran into another kid, also a Marine who had a 1979 skyline. We chilled for quite a while, and took some great rides. Then we separated again. I reunited with him through Facebook in a year later he asked me if I wanted to buy his skyline. But he warned me it needed a lot of work because it sat for a while and it had some issues. I was up for the task and I bought her. And boy he was right it needs allot of TLC. This project has a long road ahead of it and I sure wish I had the money to have Mr. Foose help me. But I definitely don’t have those funds. The work I’ve seen that he’s done on cars it’s just amazing and the technicians behind the scenes who perform the re-creations are amazing. You are truly magicians. The top picture is my 1979 Nissan skyline project. And the lower picture is my 1981 Nissan skyline



Community Manager

You have a lot of work ahead of you for sure, but I know the end result will be worth it!  It's wonderful to see 5th gen Skyline lover here in the states!