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New Driver

My Mustang 67 GT 390 S code

BC638FFA-CA14-49CA-8170-57AEEC3BEA95.jpeg5950BAED-CF00-49CA-9089-F23D78118D8C.jpegE613B9DB-C2F7-4582-9A64-5CE3DC45A025.jpeg702531FC-F5E7-40EB-895C-CCBAA2CF5267.jpegThis belonged to my daddy who I lost in 1986 and my brother inherited the gem. He kept it in his garage, started it once in awhile and that was about it. In 2008 I called him and said “ Hey, would you consider giving my daddy’s car”? A few days later he called and asked when did I want to come get it! I brought it home and immediately started working towards a total restoration.  Some delays and at times I thought I would never get it finished. I lost my daughter in 2017, ended a 25 year marriage in 2018, lost my job of 15 years in 2019, but through it all my daddy’s car has prevailed! I’m now deciding on tires and wheels as that is my last step and open to any suggestions.

Community Manager

That's awesome! Best of luck with your restoration!  Glad to see its being kept in the family. 

Advanced Driver

A bittersweet story. Sorry for your loses and,  like another of my car stories, your Mustang helps get you through those lonely days.

My Mustang story began in the spring of 1965 when I just happened to drive by the small used car lot near home where nearly new and over used cars were always lined up. I spotted my first ever Mustang fastback coupe. In fact it was the first Mustang fastback in our area.

I had no idea why a nearly new shiny black Mustang was for sale in a used car lot! It was black with red interior and had the rally pack, fancier hubcaps, and was calling my name. For me, I had a new job and two kids. I had several antique or collector cars but drove worn out beaters for our family car.

My wife, two kids, and I  pulled a converted truck bed made into an RV all over the midwest with that Mustang.  I added white side rally stripes.

I drove it to work and to shop. With a CB radio on the consul with an old type telephone receiver for a mic, a 102" CB antenna mounted to the rear bumper, I was known as The Mad Mustang".

For completely different reasons, a new baby daughter in 1970 forced me to trade the Mustang fastback for a 1972 Ford Gran Torino wagon. My daughter recently turned 50. I often still tell her I'd trade her for an old Mustang fastback!