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My Car's Story -- 1971 Datsun 510

I am the original owner of my red Datsun 510, purchased new in April of 1971. It has never been restored, but always maintained in perfect condition. Aside from body repairs, I have personally performed all maintenance and repairs myself,  maintaining accurate records, now including close to 1000 entries, from the day I bought it.

It has many modifications, all being period-correct. It is not a race car, but handles very well on track, as experienced during a Hagerty Track Day at Sebring in November of 2019, where I ran it very hard for a total of close to 90 miles, without a single mechanical issue. The only preparations for taking it to the track were flushing the brakes and installing competition brake pads on the front. 

We have three other 510s in the family. One being the Moya Motorsports family-run racecar prepared and run by my sons and I. Our race videos are posted on YouTube.

My 510 is still my favorite car.

Nestor Moya's 510Nestor Moya's 510

Community Manager

510s are awesome, to me they are basically a 240Z with two less cylinders and two more doors. I love the Panasports too, you have done a great job!