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Pit Crew

My 37 Chevy

When I was old enough to remember, a car I was standing on the floor of the backseat holding on to the back of the front seat and looking over my Dad’s shoulder to see out of the windshield. It was a 1937 Chevy brand new, we owned it for a number of years. It held years of memories and when I saw this 37 for sale I knew I had to purchase it. The family 37 was a four door this one is a two door sedan and of course it is stock except for engine transmission and running gear. I have put a number of enjoyable miles on it and hope for many more. I was born in 1936 and it was born in 1937, so I’m a year older then it is and I’m sure it will be running long after me. So if you own a car with a similar story then I hope you will cherish it and will enjoy every mile, of memories also


Community Manager

1937 Chevys are great, and this one is even better because you have a great story for why you bought it! Thank you so much for sharing!