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My 2008 Pontiac G8 GT in Ignition Orange Metallic


One of the more unique partnerships to be formed in the automotive industry took place in 1937 when the Australian company of Holden became a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation. The ensuing years produced some fine examples of the automotive art, with the culmination of that art in 2008 resulting in the Pontiac G8 series. Unfortunately the forced bankruptcy of GM ended the production of these fine examples of affordable performance vehicles almost before they began – about two and a half years. Based on the Holden Commodore model, the G8 series was already a performance oriented vehicle with driver and passenger comfort features of more expensive vehicles in the performance market. I am the second owner of one of the most unique of those vehicles - a 2008 G8 GT in the second rarest color – Ignition Orange Metallic.

The story behind my car: In February of 2008 by the ordering of the first owner, the car was put into production. It was produced according to the original build sheet that I have in the documentation that came with the car, along with some other unique items most people did not acquire. But, thankfully, the first owner was a 'fanatic' about requiring documentation of practically every car he's ever owned. The original window sticker shows that the car was produced with every option available (except the Smoker's Package). A copy of the window sticker attests to this fact. In addition to the available packages, some other items were also obtained: special floormats with the embroidered Pontiac logo; a molded trunk liner; a full size spare wheel and tire; and a jack and lug wrench. As an enhancement to the already uniqueness of the car, 35% window tinting was added.

The first owner kept meticulous maintenance records of all the gas used, mileage driven each month, had maintenance performed that was not required, such as transmission oil change, brake fluid flush and change and all recall items by GM.

At this time the car drives and handles like brand new. I take it to car shows and cruise-ins and get many positive comments and a trophy now and then. But the real trophy is owning and driving it!

Of all the Pontiacs I have owned since 1962, this one stands out as one of, if not the best, I have ever owned. I also own another fine Pontiac- a 2009 Solstice GXP roadster and my wife has an additional 2009 G8 GT in Panther Black Metallic.

Community Manager

The G8s were fantastic cars!  Thank you for sharing your story and keeping this future classic on the road!