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New Driver

Los Angles river bed.

Great  memories.  I raced in the LA river bed in the late 50's - early 60's. I grew up in So Central LA during that time.  Thursday nights were " Drag Night" We met at a hamburger drive-in on Manchester Blvd in LA then drove to downtown LA, entered the river bed by a single lane access road. Always had a race Starter & Trophy Girl. Both sides of the  river bed lined with spectators. I had a 1938 with a 238 cc Chevy engine.  Now have, at age 82, a 1965 VW Bug with a 327 cc Corvette engine.  Great article, I still love cars. Jim Zupke


I remember growing up and watching all the Adam 12 and Chips chases in the river. I thought it was so cool.


Till I got older and was in LA to find it was just a big sewer. 

Then it got worse when I was in TJ and saw the TJ River. I decided not to swim out there. 


Advanced Driver

Jim, looks like we'll never grow up!

Still love those race starters and trophy gals.