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New Driver

Location of a 1955 Chevy

In 1979 , I sold a 1955 Chevy Belair 2 door post. I am now attempting to locate the vehicle. Unfortunately I did not have  a copy of the VIN, nor make a copy of the title. To date, I have checked  with the local and state tag office,  giving them the tag number the car was registered under. I am told the current records do not go back that far in time. I have also checked with the company that insured the vehicle. They also hit a dead end, due to the time frame. I inquired with local law enforcement, regarding an accident record, thinking they would have recorded the VIN.  I  was not able to find anything in this situation either. Does anyone have a suggestion of something else I might be able to try?

Pit Crew

Your best bet are national car an ad in the "tri-five" section that you are searching for a '55 you owned previously...details unique to the car..engine, paint, interior...other mods...a location you suspected it went to after sale...and...a post a photo of it if you have one...GOOD LUCK!
Community Manager

Hello @55_CHEVY we might be able to help you, since this is a common vehicle Hagerty might not find it, but it is worth a shot. But since we will need a little bit of information from you can you please email Greg Ingold @ with the following information: 


1. Confirm the year, make, model
2. Confirm the last year they registered it
3. Zip code you last registered it in.