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I fell in love again...with a 79 Corvette

Good day Hagerty community,

Where do I start...?

Born in 1970 is where it all began for me. Listening to 8 tracks tapes, watching Diane Warwick Solid Gold Dancers, and The Benny Hill show just around 1976-77. It was the Era witch influenced me the most. But most significantly, I must say...It was a Chevy Corvette.

Growing up on Long Island NY and seeing lots of cool cars really took me in! Also, the music and the culture and especially the night life! The first Corvette I can ever remember was the C3 corvette! Yes indeed...There was a cool cat named "Tony Tee Flame" who owned the beautiful 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette. It had this slick two tone silver and charcoal gray paint, true spoke wheels with the spinners on it and had white interior. Man!!!...Every time I saw that dude coming down the Ave I would stop and stare!! I mean it was my only dream to own a car just like this!


Fast forward, I come from a family of five. I have three brothers and one sister. Out of all of them I have my dear older brother William. He too was a huge corvette fan originally! Myself and William always talked and dreamed of owning  C3 corvettes. My Favorite was the 1970. We actually starting finding all kinds of C3 vettes from over the United States. We started picking them up where ever we could find them at a decent price. We took so many trips together picking up corvettes that we had that special bond with this special car. I always told him that we should start a youtube channel and call it " Corvette Dreams" haha


But anyhow, I've owned nearly five corvettes in my lifetime. My brother has owned probably over a dozen.


Something happened to me recently, I was was doing some electrical work for a client one day,  and I noticed that he had a corvette sitting in the  garage. I asked him about it. his name is Andy. He's in his late 70's. He bought this 1979. Yes....A  C3- Yellow-L82-4-speed manual-AC, and loaded.....he bought it from a friend who worked at a Chevy dealership.  The story behind it in his own words was that he decided to buy this corvette after he thought he was going to die in the hospital. And so after he started recovering, his friend showed him this beautiful 1979 corvette. So Andy wanted to live again and loved this car and just had to have it!! So he bought it right there and then! He is the original owner of this car. But that is not where the story ends. So Andy explained to me that back in the late 80's he needed some money and borrowed it from a friend of his. But in return he would "lend" his vette to him until he could repay his debt. It was around 1992-93 is when Andy finally was able to repay his friend and get his vette back. Now somewhere in between that time, this car was repainted.  Now Andy doesn't quite remember when, but lucky me.  I happen to have found the photos of the paint job- job!! When I called Andy I had told him that I found these photos and asked him if he remembered getting the car repainted. He couldn't recall. But the fact is, the car had definitely got resprayed sometime in the early 90's. It's definitely the same original color but for some reason the car got repainted. Mind you, Andy is a WW3 Vet and he's been through a lot with his health but he's a very strong willed man and he loves this car even from the first day he laid eyes on it.


So here I was...I loved his story...I love this wonderful person and he is a true hero. But most of all....He he really had the same passion that I had burning inside of me for the C3 corvettes! And we started talking and I really wanted to buy his vette!! And seriously, I would love to own a 1970 Corvette! But this 79 just took my heart away!!! Maybe it's the color yellow. I currently own a 2010 Velocity Yellow Grand Sport. Which BTW is insured from the good old boys of Hagerty. But because I'm such a purist, and the story behind this vette, man I just wanted to own it! 


Andy knew I loved Corvettes and he too felt the same. We talked about Corvettes and I shared photos of the vettes I've owned in the past. We have a great bond and I have great respect for this man. Yes I wanted the car. I asked him, "hey you ever thought about selling the vette?"  he wasn't sure. Him and his daughter always dreamed about cruising this car together was kinda like it was on their bucket list. 


Now mind you, this vette has been sitting in his garage with a cover on it since 1990's.  Well anyhow, Andy wasn't so eager to let his vette go just yet. But he did want me to bring his vette back to life again and asked me if I could take on the responsibility of getting his baby back on the road again.  Hell, even though I couldn't own it,   I would love to have the honor of breathing life back into her!! So I agreed to get her back on the road where she belongs!


Thankfully it was only mechanical repairs. The brake system was shot, including the brake master cylinder. The car had No brakes whatsoever! I did a complete brake system install on it with OE parts.  After a full tune-up and fluid change this L82 is purrring and can stop on a dime! With only 60k miles on it...Man she gets up real tight and she runs so good!!! The paint on her is so fantastic that I never saw a car so well painted like this. The interior is near perfect and it feels so good to sit in it! I think I'm in love again! 


Maybe someday Andy and his daughter will be able to put this chapter in life behind them and finally sell this car to me....because I want to keep and share this car with my two boys someday.  


It may not be the vette of my dreams...but its the vette that stole my heart!!!


Thank You for letting me share this story. 




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Community Manager

Awesome story and that '79 is lucky to have you as its new owner!