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New Driver

I bought the same Cobra twice!

Fifteen years ago my wife surprised me with a gift to have my dream car built at Olthoff Racing in Mooresville, NC (A 1965 A/C Shelby Cobra with a Roush aluminum 427). Ten years later, I was approached by a guy who wanted to buy my entire rig (Car, Trailer, etc.) and I thought "I've had a good run with this car and haven't killed anyone, including myself yet" so maybe it's time to be pragmatic, take the cash, and get something else. I did, and I bought the first Jaguar F-Type "R" from Bobby Rahal.


In the meantime, my wife was very saddened that I did not appreciate the sentimental value of the Cobra. My sadness occured when I saw my baby at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and what had been done to it. (oversized wheels, tires, bumpers removed, and more). Long story short. I approached the new owner and offered to buy it back, which he gladly did because I had to pay a premium to get it back (not to mention the damned sales tax and the cost to restore it to it's original condition!). My wife and I call this "Stupid Tax" i.e. when you do something stupid, you gotta pay the tax! 


It ain't all bad, however. We are still married, and I even got to keep the Jaguar! Life is good.

Community Manager

Wow, what an awesome story!  Do you have pictures of the Cobra when you had it, when you were buying it back and what it looks like now?