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Intermediate Driver

FRENCHIES Buick Electra 225 1961

I was riding around my Town with my ATV  on a Saturday, I noticed a Classic car in a garage I was curious to see what it was, so I rang the door bell a man answered the door and introduced myself and he recognized me as a member of Lions Club. i asked him if i can take a look at the car in the garage he said sure , oh my God what my eyes were looking at was a Buick Electra 225 hard top 4 doors White in color. I got so excited and loved it so I ask him if it is for sale he said he was gonna advertise it next week , so I told him i was very interested in buying it and we made the deal what a find just down the road from where i live very Lucky I was  only 32,000 miles on the Odometer it was stored up North for 27 years untouched and in very mint condition, all original no changes made to this car all numbers match ,lines are perfect a real trophy under the hood a 401 Pin Head Wildcat motor with 2 speed transmission car came from California it has Highway Patrol Police sticker on window you never know what you can find behind a closed garage door thank God this garage door was opened Frenchie