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Frenchie's FIRST CLASSIC CAR 1986 Camaro Iroc Z 28 5,7 5 SPEED t-TOP

For 6 months I was searching for a Classic car in great condition , after numerous research on the Internet , i finally found my Classic Car. It took me a week to study the 1986 Camaro Iroc Z 28 LTI 350 SMALL HEAD THEN I DECIDED TO CONTACT THE OWNER , BUT WITH BADLUCK the advertising was removed so i panicked and try to find it again with great efforts i did find it again. made the call and within 2 days got the call to meet with the owner in Alliston, On. on the friday after he called . I arrive and see 2 Police officers standing besides the Camaro scared the crap out of me thought it was a sting or something like that . my god they were Court Police officers which owned the car. they gave me the story about this car beautiful classic in very mint no rust ,straight lines T-top Black in colour and gleaming paint finish well taken care of , undercarriage no rust mint condition. the seller told me that he had it stored in a large container for 23 years covered no mice damages due to being a Steel container 20' x 12' it has a 1,000 Wattts Stereo up my alley i say , asked him to start it , it started right away i was shaking with excitement with the sound of the motor . Asked what is this motor he told me 350 5.7 litre LT1 Corvette motor souped up to 600 HP  HOLY COW I SAY WHAT A EXCITING SOUND i WAS SCARED AT FIRST then i calmed down told me this Camaro is rare took it for a drive not sure how to ride a Camaro with all this power beleive it or not I pressed on the gas popped the clutch and the front end actually came up from the ground scared the crap out of me I actually popped up a wheelie my god scared the crap out of me it is Ironic 6 months ago told him i had found a 1961 Buick Electra 225 in very mint condition and told him this will be my second Classic that i now own and he told me that well you only own one now are you buying the Camaro told him yes I am made the deal on the spot . i am blessed to find 2 Immaculate cars within 6 months and not having to do any work on them everyone watch for me at Car shows with my 2 beautiful Classic cars so Lucky to hit the jackpot I suggest for anyone to do your research before buying a Classic car study the car before buying it i did. wherever i go on the road people honk and gives me thumbs up in appreciation to preserve the history of these 2 fine Classics i now own and proud hey guys it mostly woman that honks at me probably they had boyfriends with the same cars at one time in there life and if you get a Classic i highly recommend Hagerty for all your car and Insurance needs and I also own a 1996 Honda Prelude with the Vortec Motor all 3 Classics are Insured by Hagerty and you will enjoy reading the Hagerty Magazine once your a member and other perks thanks for reading Frenchie     

Pit Crew

Damn! Now that's what I call LUCK!