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Pit Crew

BMW 328i Convertible

Started off as a curiosity as i was looking to replace a accident ended wonderful driving machine Porsche experience. The number of times i drove by a Blue on Blue BMW convertible sitting on the front corner of a fenced in used car dealer i soul searched whether i dare delve into ownership of a BMW with my lack of knowledge or understanding of such a car's care and repair ownership. A question in my mind was would such a car satisfy the void of driving pleasure I had in the Porsche? I had to find out. After two attempts to make communication with the highly secured dealer's owner i got onto the property and took my first closeup view of the car. Very clean staight body, top all fabric pristine, not a stitch out of place or missing. Impressed I asked for the keys to check it out further. The dealer owner pointed me to the needed restroom and said he would put the keys in the car for me. When I returned to the car i did a slow walk around look including inspecting the chrome surround of the the kidney grill and front end. Then i opened the driver's door, i noticed i was very precision like and positive feeling. The interior was a shock at first and as i was taking a look around i looked at the instrument panel and noticed the tach was showing 700 RPM! It was running, I thought back to myself just being closely viewing the grill and didn't hear it running! Now the real issues of the car? The wood velour on the counsel was badly cracked, the seats leather were cracked and the windshield top mounting trim was missing and the top's attaching assembly motor was hanging at an angle. I'll pick up where I'm leaving off latter i have a dog to walk. See you all again.




Community Manager

E36s are great machines to drive and to just cruise around in, I love the colors on that one. That one sounds like it needs a somewhat expensive interior restoration, not difficult with a good upholstery shop around but certainly not cheap. I bet you can wrap the wood trim in 3M vinyl/wood and it will look great. 

Pit Crew

3M vinyl/wood wrap?

Advanced Driver

Still walkin the dog?🤗Tell us more about the BMWTell us more about the BMW