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Barn find

I was looking for a Ford Thunderbird and at my local Dealership they just bought a 1958 FORD THUNDERBIRD, I saw it driving by one day and turned around to check it out. He wanted way to much for it so I left, I continued my search which was awful, so many dishonest people out there! One day going threw the paper he put the T-Bird for sale at a much lower price! I drove right over with a buddy of mine and took it for a test drive, we put it up on my friends lift and we were blown away on the condition this 60 year old car was in! So I went back and made him an offer and he took it! This car was owned by one person before the car dealership got it and that person took great care of it! But it needed some work so I tuned it up, put new tires on and new exhaust on! Clean it up and now I have a all original 58 Thunderbird that runs and drives awesome! It's like a time capsule! I really lucked out on this car!



Wow, I love the hardtop with a different color than the body. Too cool!


Advanced Driver

That's my favorite T-Bird body style and color. When we lived in Florida there were three brothers nearby who bought, sold, and rebuilt old T-Birds. My wife tried to keep me away from them.


Advanced Driver

You got a great car, apparently at a fair price. One of my best friends from high school days still has his 1956 Robin egg blue T-Bird with the hard top. He recently had it tuned up and got new Coker wide whites. Last time he and his wife drove it was for our 50th high school reunion. We were in the class of '57 and we still dream!

Advanced Driver

Someday I'll write a short story, or three, about some real barn finds I found on farms right here in central Illinois years ago. One was a 1954 Corvette.