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Amelia Island 2020

Amelia Island 2020Amelia Island 2020Amelia Island 2020Amelia Island 2020We got the right motor! 400 ciWe got the right motor! 400 ci

Amelia Island is always a treat!  Mr. Bill Warner does an excellent job at orchestrating an altruistic showpiece every year!  Not only does he carefully consider which cars to invite, what themes will be featured, but he also selects which vendors to invite for support!  Hagerty was selected this year, and they brought a nice little stable of cars to "test drive" around the island!  As a Drivers Club member, I signed up right away when I saw that they'd be attending Amelia Island.  My wife, Dell, is a big Muscle Car fan, so this was a great choice.  No, it wasn't a stick...and no, you can see it wasn't a convertible...but YES, it was a lot of fun to take on the 20 - 30 minute drive!  I own a little 13 hp American Austin as my hobby car & I've never had a real muscle car, so this was great!  Although we didn't "spin the tires", we did smile while we ran around in it!  In the Hagerty stable this year was a Ford Bronco, a Plymouth Fury conv. from 1960, and a vintage Ford Mustang, among others.  As a suggestion, I'd love to drive a Ford Model T or a Stanley next year?  Just a thought!  Hagerty had an excellent crew managing the test drives and really made the weekend very enjoyable!  Sign me up for Friday afternoon, next year, ok?  (3:30 pm!)

Community Manager

On behalf of everyone here at Hagerty, we are thrilled to hear you enjoyed experiencing the GTO at Amelia Island!  

On a more personal note, I am a little jealous, I wanna drive it too!