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Intermediate Driver

A Tribute to The Hagerty Drivers Club

I have enjoyed seeing the "Share Your Car Story" articles on the Hagerty Website. I hope to see more personal stories about how people have been enjoying their cars. 


I am trying to figure out how to articulate what it is about Hagerty and The Drivers Club and website that I find unique among magazines, forums, websites, and car clubs. One thing for sure is that Hagerty seems to be trying to connect with the people that own the cars, and not just focus on the cars as almost all other companies do. The "Share Your Car Story" idea is a strong move in that direction.


Whenever I find myself chatting with a car owner at a show, their stories of how they ended up with their vehicle and their thinking about what they wanted to achieve with it, is almost always the most interesting part of their story. I seldom remember the parts and the cubic inches, but I often remember the stories. Barn finds, inherited cars, tributes to past family cars, memories from childhood all make great stories. I hope we get more of them here.


Warning: Whenever other people don't tell me their stories, I tend to jump in with one of my own, and believe me, with all of the miles, activities, and sites I have seen with my car, I never run out of stories.


I have another little story that I would like to show and tell about a Drivers Club event with Hagerty. Last summer Hagerty did an event in Ontario where a bunch of strangers with a wide variety of toys met up at a wonderful auto shop in cottage country to see a great collection of rebuilt cars. We then caravaned for a few hours to a well known auto rebuild shop called The Guild, where many prize winning vehicles have been restored and shown around the world. Both shops by themselves were worth the drive.


But Hagerty provided another bonus to the day. They outfitted a Jeep Hemi SUV with a rear facing camera seat and a gimbled camera with an enthusiastic cameraman who tried to capture all of the great cars in motion as we drove along the country roads. I have not seen this much effort before being put into capturing the enthusiasm that car people have for their vehicles. Way to go Hagerty.


After being stopped at a traffic light with a small group of the caravan, the Hagerty Jeep speeded ahead to catch up to the rest of the caravan that we had now lost site of. It didn't take me long to determine what I had to do. By the time I passed the four cars in front of me, the Jeep had put quite a gap between itself and my car. I now had an excuse for some spirited driving, which the cameraman noticed and clicked on his camera.

Here is what he captured.









That is an awesome story @JohnZiraldo! Thank you for sharing and we look forward to hearing more motoring tales soon.

Community Manager

Thank you for being such a wonderful ambassador for all car enthusiasts, John. Hagerty is indeed trying to connect with people in ways meaningful to them, and it's wonderful to hear that we have done a good job for you!
Hagerty Employee

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Didn't the Guild build that magnesium bodied Bugatti?



Intermediate Driver

Yes! One in the Same. The Guild is on the main street in the small town of Bradford Ontario. I used to drive by it quite regularly and I always slowed down to see what might be parked out front or in the window or in the guest parking area. There was always something interesting to see. I have long dreamed of dropping my 86 off there for a few months. 


Here is a Youtube video of the Bugatti that you asked about at Jay Leno's garage with David Grainger the co-owner and president of The Guild.

And this video is at The Guild with David Grainger discussing the history and construction of the Bugatti Aerolithe.


David was our host on the day we went there with Hagerty. He was most gracious answering all of our questions and telling stories about their history. The entire group in the tour was allowed to walk anywhere in the entire Guild and talk to all of the staff. It was amazing.


The Guild has a large showroom where you can see completed cars that are for sale or just on display. They also sell shirts, books, and a wide variety of antique car or airplane toys and just about anything else that may have caught David's eye.

David Grainger of the Guild of Automotive Restorers allows Jay to put the first few miles on this rare and unique magnesium-bodied Bugatti design concept. Se...
The Bugatti Aerolithé legend is one that has been told and retold. This video delves deeper than ever before into the backstory of the original car, the chas...