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New Driver

79 Corvette "Disco"

I purchased this car from a collection of about 300 cars in October of 2018. The last owner (the collector I never met) had titled it in 2004 and only 70 miles had been put on the car until I purchased it. The guy that ran the warehouse I picked it up from had no information or history on the car and an exhaustive search has led to absolute zero. I was able to drive it home, however it leaked everything that could possibly leak from sitting all those years. The odometer shows 66000mi and I believe that to be correct based on the condition of the car overall. I loved the paint and interior (probably done in the 80s) and decided to swap out the tired late 60s 327 someone had put in along the way. I installed a Skip White Performance Stage 3 560HP 383ci with a 3000RPM Stall converter and a Holley Sniper EFI kit, all new hooker headers, hooker exhaust and mufflers as well as all new accessories. (water pump, alternator, PS Pump, starter etc.) I rebuilt all of the power steering and the entire brake system with new ACDelco components. All of the door and T-top seals were cracked so those have also been replaced. Of course there are too many little things I have done to list them all. Its a fun car to drive and still turns heads wherever I go.disco2.jpgdisco1.jpg

Community Manager

Corvette Summer! That was a cool car and your restoration and modifications are fantastic! Was the Sniper EFI pretty easy to install for you? How was the fuel tank/pump installation?