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72 Pontiac Luxury Lemans

72 Lemans.jpg72 Lemans Yellow (2).jpg


In high school I had a 1972 Pontiac Luxury Lemans.  I put Crager SS wheels and Goodyear G7014 raised white letter wheels and tires on it in the summer and ran the factory wheels and tires in the winter.  Going off to college, and working for $2.50 an hour in a gas station and paid for my own way.  Gas prices went over $1.00 per gallon (1978-1982).  I sold the Pontiac (due to gas mileage) and bought a VW beetle that didn't run well and was extremely cold in the winter.  I always loved the 1972 Pontiac Lemans and desired to again own one.  I looked for 4.5 years and found one in Minnesota -a previous one owner car owned by a couple.  I bought it sight unseen and had it shipped to Cincinnati.  A tune up, adjust brakes, new air conditioner compressor, front end alignment, oil change, balance and rotate the tires and its now ready to go.  I wish it was blue, but glad to have it since only about 8,400 of this model was made in 1972.   I dated my wife of 38 years in high school pictured with our new ride.  All she could say when it was delivered:  NEW TOY !!!

Community Manager

Wow, it's awesome to see your love for the Lemans endured for all these years!  Congrats on your new "toy"!