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New Driver

67 Grand Prix soft top

Today I'm picking up a 67 Grand Prix convertible. It's a little rough, no accident damage, but completely original and everything (badges, chrome, trim, etc.) is still in place. The few pieces that are needed I'm able to find. What I have a question about is the door glass. I know that the GP shares the platform with the Bonneville and the Catalina but in 67 the GP hardtop moved to a full door glass design (minus the vent window) while the Bonny and the Cat retained the vent window. But the convertible 67 GP retained the vent window to support the windshield. My question is: will the Bonneville and the Catalina door glass fit the convertible GP? A couple of aftermarket and used suppliers are not sure. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. 

Advanced Driver

@Just4gp I wouldn't expect it to be different. I encourage you to take a peek at this vintage brochure. All Pontiac models retained the vent window in 1967 per this publication. I don't expect you to need to look for a Grand Prix specific part. If you would like to be absolutely sure, I'd call Ames Performance Engineering, they're the best source for Pontiac parts and they really know their stuff and interchangeability. Their number is 1-800-421-2637

New Driver

Thanks Greg, the brochure was very helpful and has given me hope in my search for the glass. I did contact Ames and they said that their catalog was updated a couple of years ago and at that time they didn't cross-reference if the glass was interchangeable with the GP but stopped short of saying that it would not fit. I did discover that the Catalina and Bonneville fenders are interchangeable with the GP and I believe that the glass may be also.