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1977 C/10 "Edna"

JP106191-Edit.jpgI bought the truck in May of 2020 and upon looking at the truck I discovered the engine was “Chevrolet Orange” instead of the “Cooperate Blue” that was rolled out the beginning of 77’. Thinking perhaps this was a end year production run in 76’. Upon getting the truck home I open up the glove box and discover it full of papers upon papers. I uncover every registration sticker, radiator repair, air-conditioner repair, ect.. revealing the mileage on the truck is indeed authentic and not “rolled over”. Seeing this led me on an extensive search to find out the story. I began with the information I had, and the internet and began to search to “find the story.” The Truck was bought new by Herman and Edna Jackson with the dream to tour the country and tour the country they did! Tracking down to the original owner I spoke with 93 year old Edna and she exclaimed “We went all over the United State in that truck pulling our matching camper.” Herman designed this “spare tire holder” in the bed to make changing tires on the go a breeze so he wouldn’t have to fight with a spare while pulling a trailer. The Truck was sold from the original owners in 2007 to a gentlemen who told me his story. He bought the truck and on the way home he thought he heard a ticking noise. Upon getting home he pulled the valve cover and noticed a bent push-rod. Being an easy fix he asked his son in-law who ran a technical school to replace the push-rod. After dropping off the truck and checking in a week later he came into a shop that was scattered with 454 parts. Frustrated and upset with his son-in-law he cooled off then told him and the students to proceed with a rebuild even though the truck only needed a push-rod. Months went by and the time came to pick up the truck, unfortunately the truck would not crank. tired and consumed with frustration he took it to another shop across town and they discovered the students forgot to install the crank shaft bearings. so tearing down the motor they rebuilt again but did not bore the cylinders. After that the second owner told me “the truck never did feel right after that, so I sold it.” I bought the truck from the 3rd owner and trailered it home. After driving for 1 month it dropped the #3 valve. I decided then and there to rebuild it to its former original glory. We Bored out the cylinders .30 over, added an RV cam, added the Holley Sniper Fuel injection, Rebuilt the Turbo 400 and paired it with a Gear Vendors O/D. JP106217.jpgJP106150.jpgJP106171.jpgJP106162-Edit.jpgJP106156.jpgJP106169.jpgJP106205.jpgJP106201.jpgJP106184.jpgJP106193.jpgJP106203.jpgJP106148-Edit.jpgJP106232.jpgJP106213.jpgJP106194.jpgJP106196.jpgJP106231-Edit.jpgJP106225.jpgJP106187.jpgJP106226.jpgJP106206.jpgJP106212.jpgJP106222.jpgJP106229-Edit.jpgJP106220.jpgJP106192.jpgJP106214.jpgJP106242.jpgJP106246.jpgJP106247.jpgJP106271.jpgJP106307.jpgJP106260.jpgJP106287.jpgJP106278.jpgJP106255.jpgJP106328-Edit.jpgJP106270.jpgJP106274-Edit.jpgJP106306-Edit.jpgJP106264.jpgJP106236.jpgJP106268.jpgJP106237.jpgJP106310.jpgJP106300-Edit.jpgJP106318.jpgJP106326-Edit.jpgJP106291.jpgJP106250.jpgJP106312.jpgJP106282.jpgJP106299.jpgJP106240.jpgJP106324.jpgJP106239.jpgJP106296-Edit.jpgJP106325.jpgJP106320.jpgJP106329-Edit.jpgJP106314.jpg

Community Manager

WOW!  A great story to go with a great truck done up with some truly great modifications! 


Editor must have been on vacation???  Yikes!

New Driver

Great story, it’s fun to know the history, makes it a better ride. Thanks