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1973 Mach 1 Mustang Recovery

This was one of the few cars that my dad purchased in his early years. The car stayed in the family for over 20 years. Eventually it was given to me 1997. A few years later the car was stolen in 2006. After much searching, all efforts of recovering this car quickly turned in to a faint dream. Until the summer of last year.
I received a call from an Inspector at the local station and he informed me that the car was found (16 years later). As you can imagine, I didn't even believe him at first, until he sent me a picture. Immediately dropped everything I was doing and brought the car home.
I'm sure most will understand the shock I was in to have this car home again but words can't describe it. Was not looking to take on something like this but it must be brought back to her glory.
The pictures and video posted are from the week it was recovered. Engine runs decently.
The journey begins...
1973 Mustang Mach 1
20210828_112748.jpg20210813_205428 (1).jpg20210813_205446 (1).jpg20210813_205518 (1).jpg20210821_132635.jpg20210828_112716.jpg20210829_130920.jpg
Community Manager

Wow this is truly a WONDERFUL journey, something I am thrilled to see you are willing to take on! How wonderful it is to see a stolen vehicle get returned back to its rightful owner, congratulations and best of luck! 

Advanced Driver

The Story..........Please!

New Driver

Please give us the story!!!!

The suspense is killing us !!!!  LOL 

New Driver

Interesting story. My car was stolen over 30 years ago and the Insurance company paid me off after a certain amount of time. I asked what if the car was found later and they told me it didn't matter to me because they paid me off and the car was now theirs.


How very fortunate - I have seen cars recovered after 16 days in much worse shape.  Good luck with bringing back to its old glory.  Have fun catching up on driving it, as well.


Very cool to be reunited with your car.  It's as old as I am.  😉

New User

I have a question because I owned a 73 Mach 1 and I have seen several cars like this that don't appear to be a true Mach 1.  The stripes are 72 stripes and the 3 gauges are missing in the center instrument cluster and the door panels and seats do not appear top correct for the 73 Mach 1.   Was this an option in 73 or is this a clone? Curious because I am looking for a 73 and usually pass over a car if its missing the 3 gauges below the AC vent and don't have the molded door panels and solid straight strip.  Someone enlighten me.