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New Driver

1970 F250

On my way to look at a pickup for sale in St. Paul with my Father in law to replace the '71 F250 I'd driven daily for 15 years, spotted this '70 F250 in a mall parking lot with a for sale sign on it. After being disappointed with the truck we set out to see, we went straight back to the mall and called the owner. He met us, and sold it to me on the spot for $800.00. Less than 100,000 miles, and he was the original owner. 
Six days later, before I'd even taken pics, some guy hauling signs in his trailer lost one, and hit me. I was heartbroken. And mad. Which spurred me to work. It took all summer, but I was able to locate original Ford replacement parts and steel sheet metal through a Ford dealership in Jordan, MN. Off it went to the body shop.
70 F250-1.jpg
This is from the day it came home.
Over the next year I rebuilt the motor, having the heads, intake and exhaust manifolds ported and polished, and several other 
performance modifications. It runs like a dream. We put our '76 Harley Super Glide in the back, and pull the '78 Jayco camper to the Black Hills 
almost every year. It's always a big hit at Sturgis for the big bike rally.
F250 004.jpgF250 003.jpgF250 001.jpgF250 002.jpg

Keystone.jpgKeystone 002.jpg

Here it is now, 30 years later with the same paint, new dual exhaust, and 16" tires and rims to replace the now obsolete 16.5".


Seventies Ford F250's. Best. Trucks. Ever.

Community Manager

You've done a great job! Sounds like you got a great deal on the truck too, from the original owner no less! 

New Driver

I looked for a long time to replace my '71, which had been an awesome workhorse. Kinda funny the replacement ended up being a year older. Thanks for your comment, Sajeev!

Advanced Driver

Memories of Trucks, Bikes, and RV's.


Nice truck, great story, and more nice memories. My wife and three kids loved RV camping. I'd replaced the Mustang fastback with a new red 1972 Gran Torino wagon just to haul kids, our 21' Travel Master RV, and old car parts. I'd really wanted a red Ford truck!

Being married to a Minnesota farmer's daughter, even with a topper cap, a truck in Illinois  was not a great way to haul kids, pets, or groceries during cold winters.

Then Ford invented the Supercab in 1975. I ordered one of those, in red with white wall tires. You shoulda heard the Ford dealers giggling and complaining when I ordered white side wall 15" tires on my truck. Back in 1975 pick up trucks were made for hauling stuff, not built to look cute! After all, it even had a real 8' truck bed.

Right after work that first day, I crossed the river and headed for the tire store. They'd had an ad for 15" chrome slotted "Superior" wheels with free installation. I made it clear I want the white walls out!

Back then, customers could go into the shop and watch. The tire guys, supervisor, and shop owner tried to convince me that the white side walls will be mounted IN, and they proceeded to do just that.

It was my truck, my tires, and my wheels. They were mounted the way I'd ordered. When said and done, most who saw my shiny red Supercab Ford with chrome custom wheels and white walls liked the look. The wide diamond plate running boards and diamond plate rear mudflaps stood out. Within weeks pick up trucks with custom wheels and white side walls were everywhere! Maybe I started a new fad! I was gonna keep that truck forever!

Two years later, I decided we needed a 5th wheel RV and a heavier Ford Supercab to pull it. All of my things have to match. My TravelMaster RV now had red trim where the gold anodized trim used to be. The nearly new 5th wheel camper had gold metallic trim so my new 3/4 ton truck would have to be metallic gold.

The salesmen tried to get me to buy a one ton truck. But I didn't like the harsh one ton truck ride. Probably a sales gimmick, I was sold a "camper special" one ton rated 3/4 ton truck. Even the side window of the Ford supercab was marked "Camper Special".

Our 5th wheel RV wasn't new,  was only 30' long, yet heavy. When loaded and towing, I hardly felt the camper back there and sometimes drove way faster than I should have. Without the camper, the ride was stiffer than my 1/2 ton, yet decent. Most times, it was used as our family car and my get to work vehicle.

Being a trucker, I'd added "Bull Hauler" lights, diamond plate running boards with lights down the sides, a custom box up at the bed front with a truck topper lid as a cover, and even a pogo stick for the RV hook ups.

We also had a 1950 Harley HydraGlide panhead with one of the last non-police tank shifters. With a custom made 2" X 12" wood tailgate, used to keep camping supplies in and as a ramp for my old Harley, I was gonna keep that truck forever!


Sometimes forever is a short time. We lived at the edge of the end of a cul-de-sac. I had to back off a blind curve up one full block of that cul-de-sac with cars parked on both sides. Being a professional (?) trucker, that was not my problem. Old neighbors who just didn't understand, would back out and sit behind my RV, honking, as I was backing toward my drive way.

A year and half later, I sold the whole rig and bought a year old motorhome in 1978! I did almost keep it forever. Scrapped it in 2000 something.

I didn't own another truck until 2004 when I bought a red Dodge quadcab and a fibreglass topper. Again, running boards and lots of "Bull Hauler" lights.

At least that's how i remember it.

My last truck.My last truck.