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New Driver

1969 SS 396 / 350HP Stock Chevelle

I got this car back in 1969. It has the original paint. interior and glass even the NY plates are from 1969 and currently registered with DMV. It was in storage for 25 years. Its back in the sun light and rolling on down the road.      396-C-email.jpgSS.396-B-email.jpg

Community Manager

Beautiful Chevelle, glad to see you woke it up from its slumber!  Thank you for sharing! 

Pit Crew

Sweet!  I'm partial to 69s since that was my HS car!69ss396May81Side.jpg69ss396May81Back.jpg

Intermediate Driver

Nice car, thanks for sharing! Reliving the past in our youth cars is definitely cool thing! I'am doing it in my freshly restored numbers matching Olympic gold 69 Z/28. Had a 69 Camaro SS as a young man but always wanted an original 302  Z/28. We found one years ago, restored it and now I enjoy taking it for a spin or an occasional car show.    

Advanced Driver

What powertrain is in it?

New Driver

I worked at one of the Chevelle assembly plants 68-69.  One of my jobs was to drive the cars off the end of the line, to the back lot.  Maybe your's was one!  If your VIN # has a 'K' in it, it was assembled in  Kansas City, MO at the Leeds Fisher Body plant, that's where I worked.