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Pit Crew

1966 Ford Fairlane GTA

Fairlane GTA 343.jpg


Is that yours?
Pit Crew

Yes, this is my fairlane.  I'm struggling in trying to learn this system.

Community Manager

You're getting the hang of it, tell us more about the Fairlane! 

Pit Crew

I factory ordered the Fairlane in March of 1966 and took delivery in April.

The only engine available on this model was the HP 390 - in 1967 the 289 was standard with the 390 and 427 being options.

The car was a grocery getter until 1989 at which time the body was taken down to bare metal and painted with Deltron enamel.  After that it became a week end and fair weather driver.

About 15 years ago I swapped out the 390 for the 427. The car has 189,000 miles on the clock and has traveled across most of the Western US.

If anyone would like to know more about the engine build I'll dig out my list of the after market components that went into it.

The car is fairly quick so I continue to hope that my increased wisdom will offset my slower reflexes.

It has been an amazing car !

Community Manager

That does sound amazing.  If you ever find the parts used to make the 427, I'd be interested to know.  You don't hear about heavily modified 427s the way you do newer Ford V8s.

Pit Crew

The block that we found is a 1964.

Here are the highlights of the engine.

AED Holley 750 carb

Blue Thunder sidewinder intake modified by Kuntz & Co.

MSD Pro-Billet distributor and electronmic ignition

United Engineering Icon forged pistons

T & D roller rockers

Bullet cam shaft

Smith Bros. push rods

Scat crank shaft

ARP fasteners


Hughes 2500 stall converter

Stan Johnson ceramic coated headers

2.5" exhaust with H pipe

Flowmaster mufflers

Milodan 8 qt. oil pan 

Griffin aluminum radiator

18" flex fan

Moser axels and 3.0 positraction

Stainless Steel front disc brakes

Crites fiberglass hood

Lacara steering wheel

Pit Crew

I forgot - Edelbrock aluminum heads modified by Kuntz & Co.

Edelbrock aluminum water pump

Powermaster high torque starter

Community Manager

You were not joking, this is a seriously built motor!  Those heads sound amazing just by themselves! 

Pit Crew

Fairlane GTA 404.jpg