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1956 Standard Vanguard Sportsman

Growing up, I was always attracted to the classic Mustang. As I grew older, tastes changed from Mustangs to MGs and Triumphs. The love for British sports cars brought me to my current love, a 1956 Standard Vanguard Sportsman. I realize a four-door British family sedan is not what turns most people's heads, but the story, rarity, and oddity of the car is what makes me love it.  The Standard Sportsman was an upscale version of the Standard Vanguard never sold in the United States except for this one. It was shipped over for the New York International Auto Show, then tucked away at Standard-Triumph headquarters. Upon returning from an overseas vacation, a gentleman in California wanted one and contacted his local Triumph dealership.  The dealer contacted HQ, who informed the gentleman that they chose not to import them, but told them they had one at the HQ he would sell. The gentleman flew from California to NY, purchased the Sportsman, and drove her home. The car remained with him until his passing and two more owners until it found its home with me.  The Sportsman is powered by the wet-liner 4 cylinder used in TR3s and has a 3-speed manual transmission with electronic overdrive in 2nd and 3rd gears. There are several oddities about the car, one of the most interesting is the car is badged with the Triumph globe emblem but missing the Triumph Script.  From my best research, only 12 remain worldwide out of the 900 produced.  The Sportsman won't win any races but seems to turn as many heads as the little roadsters. 



Community Manager

That is amazing!  I had no idea any of these made their way to the USA.  I gotta admit I have a thing for old British sedans, probably because of my time as a kid when the family would go back to India and we'd be in plenty of Morris Oxfords/Hindustan Contessas.