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Hagerty Employee

The Saab 9000 CSE Turbo is the greatest car in the world.

Well, that ought to get things started.


In all seriousness, one of my favorite daily drivers I've ever owned was a '96 CSE Turbo. I mentioned this on our "Favorite Cars of the '90's Livestream" with @Colin Comer, and I did not get a consensus. I loved the aircraft inspired cockpit, the acres of leather seating, and the wonderful torque of that 2.3 liter Turbo Four. It was a fantastic road trip car- fast, 30+ mpg, and you could carry huge cargo when needed under that big hatch. I actually owned two of these, a '93 CSE non-Turbo looked very similar, but was not the same car. Sold it back in the day to "upgrade" to a 9-5 that was not half the car of the previous generation. If you can find a clean one of these, buy it!

The '93- ice racing at Georgetown Lake in Colorado!The '93- ice racing at Georgetown Lake in Colorado!