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Hagerty Employee

1991 Nissan Figaro

Hi, I've owned a couple of old Nissans in the past, a 1977 280Z, a 1996 300ZX (NA, 2+2), and a couple of years ago found one of my dream cars for sale on eBay, a 1991 Nissan Figaro.  This little car was only sold new in Japan but I saw one back in the day in the parking lot of a car show with manufacturer plates on it... I was smitten.  


I have the car now and my wife and kids also love driving around in the car. It never fails to generate positive comments and thumbs up.  I also have it listed on DriveShare, so if you're ever visiting Traverse City you can enjoy it, too! 


Here's a short video:


Link to DriveShare:

Community Manager

Oh wow!  Next time I am in Traverse City I wanna rent your Figaro for the day!