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Intermediate Driver

The best 'Worst' car in Lemons?

Tell me, what do you think the best 'Worst' car in Lemons history is? 


I know people like me often annoy the real line riders, but I just can't stop myself. I am sorry; not really. 


My vote is for our (Escape Velocity Racing's) 1941 Oldsmobile. We got on the Olds Pre-War forums, didn't tell them why we had some really weird questions, annoyed the hell out of the guys at Kanter, and then mostly circulated politely for a full 24 hour race. Three laps into its next race, it chucked a driveshaft. 😅






 I think we actually somehow made the car worse? Anywho, we'll get this car repaired and bring it back out shortly - maybe with a working suspension, maybe.

Community Manager

Ya know, that Olds might take the cake. There are very few Lemons cars that I'd be afraid to drive on track, even after passing tech, but that's one of them.