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Michigan figure eight & bump-n-run racing

New Driver

Welcome Hagerty members, this is a motor sport I have been involved in my whole life. I wanted to introduce and provide some resources for the community. Here in Michigan we have three large promoters that sanction the races from county fairs to one-off race events. This year's schedule is up in the air, but here are some links to promoter's schedules to find a race in your area, or rule books that guide you toward building your own racer.


USA Demolition Derby:

Unique Motor Sports:

TNT Demolition Derby:


Barriers to entry are relatively low, from the entry level "Stock class" for front-wheel drive car, to the competitive "Modified, big-car" class I compete in. 

Modified Class, 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass


2020 Olds Cutlass.jpg


Re: Michigan figure eight & bump-n-run racing

Community Manager

This might be the most affordable way to race, so I am glad you brought it up!  Thank you so much for sharing, is that your Oldsmobile? 


Re: Michigan figure eight & bump-n-run racing

Hagerty Employee
Nice ride - Car looks like it came straight from a movie. The mid 70's Cutlass is such a strong platform!