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New Driver

Europeans in Lemons

Hi Everyone,


I've recently read the thread 'How to get a drive in a European Endurance Race'  from some one used to driving crapcans and now wanting to get a drive in Europe.  


Well, I kinda weant to do the opposite and need a few questions asked? 


I currently do a Lot of Endurance karting here in the UK and I'm trying to organise my friend's Stag-do (Bachelor Party) --- the leading idea is to do a Lemons race.  


Do you need a race licence? or to pass a specific US course to be allowed to race?


Are there people willing to Sell/rent/lease/loan/be begged for use of a Lemons Car? 


We've looked at coming a across when Covid Allows before the race buying a car (Need to figure out how the title and a few other things would work) and building it at a US friend's place.  But that would be Risky and take up a lot of time. With our limited time and heavy drinking schedule we were wondering if anyone had a Lemons tech'd car we'd be able to buy/rent/steal


We're happy to wrench on cars, buy tools/spare engines etc from local yards,  as that would probably still work out cheaper than a week in Vegas done right.


Any advice - even the most basic - would be gratefully taken. Please bare in mind we can't really take anything home, we won't have a fixed address for car titles/licence... does that matter for cars that won't be used on the road?

Community Manager

As a Lemons Judge I highly recommend you reach out to local teams (via the Lemons forum) and see if you folks can write a check and be "Arrive and Drive" teammates.  


You absolutely do not want to try to build a car while vacationing in the US, there's a good chance the car will fail tech and you won't get to race.  Lemons is very safety minded, and things like the cage design/construction, fuel system, and fire suppression are heavily scrutinized.  


Get on Lemons facebook groups and their forum and ask around for Arrive and Drives or for rental.  Both have been done, but you have to do a fair bit of legwork to find a team/owner that will be available at the same event that you are.