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Archive 2021 Keynote with Ross Bentley


Ross Bentley has instructed and coached drivers of almost every level of the sport, beginning with club racing in 1980, running his own advanced driving business, conducting instructor training through car clubs across North America, and is currently coaching amateur and professional drivers. He has worked with the Bob Bondurant, Skip Barber and Jim Russell racing schools in the past, and developed his own extensive library of training resources and services for drivers through his Speed Secrets business for the past twenty years. Ross is a Board member and advisor to the Motorsport Safety Foundation and provides training seminars and presentations for drivers and instructors for various car clubs.


Ross has raced at all levels, from club to pro, including winning the U.S. Road Racing Championship in 1998 and the Daytona 24-Hour race in 2003. He’s raced prototype sports cars, GT cars, formula cars, showroom stock, and Indy Cars.


Ross is the acclaimed author of the Speed Secrets series of books and offers webinars, eBooks, a weekly e-newsletter, training videos and more to driving enthusiasts all over the world. To every driver training program, he brings his experience and knowledge of curriculum development and training methods, hands-on instruction and coaching with students, and internal instructor development. All of this is driven by his passion for helping others be even better drivers.


Presenter: Ross Bentley | Director of Motorsports, Speed Secrets

Pit Crew

Ross is one of my favorite people, and someone whom I've had the luck to work with in both a business and race coach capacity. He always asks the right questions at the right time to help me improve. He'll do the same for your 2021 season!

Pit Crew

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