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Archive 2021 Keynote with McKeel Hagerty


McKeel Hagerty is the Chief Executive Officer and driving force behind Hagerty, the world’s largest automotive lifestyle brand. Under his leadership, Hagerty has grown from a local insurance agency operating from his parents’ basement in Traverse City, Michigan, to a global market leader protecting nearly 2 million vintage, classic and enthusiast vehicles. In 2017, McKeel refocused the company’s mission to saving driving and expanding the car community for future generations. In support of the mission, the company has made a series of strategic partnerships, acquisitions and expansions including the Hagerty Drivers Club (620,000 members), Hagerty Drivers Club magazine (600,000 circulation), Hagerty YouTube (1.3 million subscribers), DriveShare (peer to peer rentals), (motorsports registration), the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance, Hagerty Garage + Social (premium automotive storage and experiences) and the industry gold standard for vehicle values, the Hagerty Valuation Tool.

McKeel earned his undergraduate degree in English and Philosophy from Pepperdine University and his master’s in Theology from Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary. He lives with his wife Soon Hagerty near Traverse City. They have three wonderful daughters, Olivia, Sophia and Ava. The older two daughters learned to drive cars with manual transmissions. Ava will soon follow.

Presenter: McKeel Hagerty | Chief Executive Officer, Hagerty

Pit Crew

A few resources mentioned in the discussion:


Also, Carol Dweck's TED talk on Growth Mindset:

New Driver

I thought this was a wonderful interview.  I'm certainly inspired.  I've always used Haggerty for my track insurance but had no idea of the real breadth of the company.