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Archive 2021 Better HPDE Classroom Instruction (+ 4 presentations you can steal!)

Make the classroom portion of your track day great! Chuck Tucker pairs his educator background and 18 years of HPDE instructing to help you level up. Attendees will receive four Powerpoint slide decks they can use to teach important topics at their next event.


Presenter: Chuck Tucker | Classroom Coordinator, The Instructor Summit  and Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois

New Driver

Ben French asked "How have you modified your instruction with COVID?"  


There are two articles about this on the website.  In the first one,, I give some general thoughts about doing "live" classroom at an event where lead/follow instruction is being used.  


In a separate post,, Evan Weaver discusses a very different approach he used in summer 2020, where they did not gather students for classroom but tasked the on-track instructors with briefing students and answering questions.  You can download a copy of the handouts they developed for this purpose as well.  

New Driver

If you are not already on the HPDE Classroom Instructor group on Facebook, consider joining.  It's at  This is a "private" group so you'll have to ask to join, but we'll get you approved ASAP.