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Pit Crew

What bike are you riding this summer?

Despite current events, Summer isn't cancelled! Curious what bikes members are riding? Modern or classic


I have a few old bikes that aren't getting ridden as often as needed, but I recently got one of the carbed T100 Bonnevilles from 2005. I truly believe those are one of the best buys in the motorcycling world today. A classic so it won't go out of style. Simple carbs. Reliable as hell. And affordable when perfect ones are at $3k. Going to sell the Tenere, and that's what I'll be riding most.

Hagerty Employee

I'm picking up a Yamaha TY250 for some fun in the dirt! tyty.JPG


I'm planning on some trail riding on the '89 XR250R, and it would be fun to find something more street friendly to add to my stable for a few longer day trips. 

Pit Crew

Any recommendations for a fun 1980s around-town bike?


I would totally rock a '80s Kawasaki KZ400. Seems like a great grocery getting with enough oomph to venture out if you wanted.
New Driver

I am riding my '11 Ness Victory Vision 🙂
Pit Crew

I'll be riding by 1991 Honda Nighthawk 750, once I finish the repairs from its unfortunate cement surfing incident. I'm always looking for a late 80's early 90's enduro or street legal trail bike to bop around the neighborhood and local county roads on.
Hagerty Employee
Hagerty Employee

Riding my 1978 Kawasaki KE100! We did a top-end rebuild of it a couple years ago. Runs great. The kids love it, too. I putt around the neighborhood on it with my 7 and 5-year olds along for the ride. Then drop them in the driveway and head out on the sandy 2-track behind my house. Fun times!

Many of us remember the endless days of childhood summers, filled with ice-cream stained t-shirts and baseball cards chattering away in bicycle spokes. Longi...
New Driver

I actually am riding two bikes this summer my 1979 Honda CBX 1000

and my 1970 Honda SL 350. Two very different bikes from a great era of motorcycling. I have own the CBX since ‘92 and the SL since ‘74. 
I know I am getting old when is show up to our usual gathering place Sunday morning and the younger rider start asking me questions and are in awe of the inline 6. They have never seen anything like it.

The 350 makes everyone smile, I just love the looks of the bike, it was my first bike, if you don’t count my CT70. 


2000 Honda RVT1000R (RC51) and 2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R.



Pit Crew

2 bikes with different missions. 1973 HarleyXLCH and 2003 Triumph ST 955i. Harley is good for short cruises. Ir gets lots of looks and questions as it looks even older. Triumph is great just to hop on and log some miles.

Yellow RX8
Pit Crew

BMW S1000R that I've had 3 years. Just added this old cruiser:IMG_4712 2.jpg

Intermediate Driver

Maybe my favorite latest addition to the fleet is this 73 Kawi S1 triple. 250cc, about 30HP and big enough to ride on highways. Pretty sure I won't venture onto the interstate with it though...


Pit Crew

2005 Victory Vegas.  The best bike I have owned.  Only problem I have ever had was a worn out clutch cable! (Big deal, Right! LOL).



New Driver

So far: took my Honda Grom to the Barbers small bore festival and drag raced it against kids 1/3 my age (I got a lot of free t-shirts for this, apparently they don't see that many ah, well, mature? ladies, lining up. Around town this summer it's my kick start '68 Ducati Scrambler and in July I'm headed to World Ducati Week in Italy, oddly, not on a Ducati this time but instead on a rented Vespa which I plan to take (along with my camera) up in the hills and around the Adriatic Riviera. Worth mentioning - For anyone that loves Italian machines World Ducati Week is quite the show.