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Community Manager

Welcome to the Motorcycle forum!

Hello! This forum is for all motorcycle enthusiasts to share stories and learn from each other. Old or new, any manufacturer, we want to hear from you.

Hagerty Employee

Thanks Sajeev!

New Driver

You asked about favorite motorcycles that got away.

Mine was a 1982 Yamaha XZ550 (European version of the Vision sold here in the States.)

I bought it from an Army pilot who brought it home from Germany. It had a 3/4 fairing and full saddlebags, and was a blast to ride. It was my primary transportation for about 6 years, and carried me faithfully all over the SouthEast, from Georgia to Alabama, Florida, as far as Kentucky even. This watercooled, shaft driven, 4 valve overhead, V-twin had enough power to haul my wife and I on sporty long distance rides with the saddle bags full, and to endulge my hooliganism when I was solo, by doing power burnouts or extended wheelies (dispelling the myth that you can't do wheelies on a shaft drive motorcycle.)

Unfortunately, my abuse eventually wore out the main bearings, and I spent enough money on the overhaul to decide to sell it while it was still running good. I have regretted that decision ever since, even though I have replaced it with some other wonderful bikes over the years.

I still miss it.

Community Manager

That's definitely a great one that definitely got away.  Thank you for sharing!  If only we knew now what we know back then! 

Pit Crew

Of all my cycles I love motor the most. 
Thanks Sajeev!