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Intermediate Driver

Motorcycle Rider Training

As I've ridden motorcycles for 50+ years (and still do), several years back I took an Advanced Rider Safety course and it was great! I learned a lot about myself, my riding habits(good and bad) and some new things to sharpen my skills on the road. With much distracted drivers these days, you need to be firing on all cylinders when riding on the road. Had more close calls that I care to discuss but the training was invaluable and I got a discount on my insurance. We're never to old to learn. I'll be 70 this spring and hope to continue riding as long as I'm able. I've ridden many brands over the years from Harleys, to Japanese, German, Italian and my latest a Yamaha FJR1300.  They all have their own attributes and learning to control them effectively is equally important! Ride safe!

Intermediate Driver

I agree! I take a riding safety course every two to three years. In between, I practice skill drills twice a month in a parking lot for 20 to 30 minutes. Many riders say parking lot practice is  a waste of time. It doesn't relate to road riding. Nonsense! Practice emergency braking, swerving,

and swerving then braking, will develop the neurological pathways (muscle memory) for you to use these skills if needed without thinking. If you have to think about what to do, it's too late.