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Hagerty Employee

Damon Motorcycles sparking millennial rider attention?

Adventure Rider Senior Writer, Mike Botan, sits down with COO of Damon Motorcycles, Derek Dorresteyn, on Damon's approach to a changing market, and a changing power-plant. Though initially hesitant, I've come around to the electric bike market and must say that Damon's "Hypersport" model checks quite a few boxes. But the proof is in the execution rather than the concept. I'm hopeful for Damon's success in their efforts to further develop the electric bike class and engage a new audience! Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Damon Motorcycles Is Capturing New Millennial Riders

Hagerty Employee

As much as I love engines, for rarely ridden motorcycles, an electric powertrain makes some sense. I wish these weren't so expensive....

Pit Crew

I have only seen one of those in person. It was in the window of a fashion shop in Aspen... That should say something