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Intermediate Driver

Celebrating our 25th anniversary

Not to my wife however. That one comes up a bit short at 21.

But, this past February, 25 years ago, I bought my first motorcycle in Stamford CT; a 1996 Honda Shadow VLX 600.

Now, February in CT is damn cold. But the excitement and enthusiasm of getting into motorcycling (I came late to the party), burned the chill right out of my frozen body. I rode that bike every weekend as long as there wasn't snow or ice on the roads. I maxed out at one hour each ride, then would have a friend pry my frozen fingers off the handlebars. Today, living in the Deep South, if daytime highs drop below 45 to 50 degrees, my bike is tucked happily away in the garage. Ha! Times change don't they.


I've had five motorbikes in these 25 years (I tend to keep things around); The VLX, a Honda Shadow ACE 750, a Honda ST1300, and my current ride, Honda NC700DCT. The ST1300 took my wife and I up and down the east coast and to every southern state east of the Mississippi. Yes, I am a Honda man.


Twenty-five years is nothing compared to most motorcyclists, many of whom have 40 or 50 years of riding under their belts. But I came by two wheels honestly; racing and touring bicycles for 15+ years. Does that count to the total?


It's been a great ride, and am certainly looking forward to many more!


Community Manager



Happy Anniversary! 


Glad to see your love of Hondas remained so strong, and that your wife enjoys them too! (Or at least enjoys them enough to go on a road trip on one!)

Intermediate Driver


Pit Crew

Love to see another Honda fan here! I've actually recently started looking into saddling myself on Honda Shadow. My first (and current) bike is 1991 CB750 Nighthawk. When I bought this bike I had no idea the affect it would have on me, but now a life long two-wheeled mad man, I can't wait to hit the roads this summer! 


Happy belated anniversary, and happy riding! 

Intermediate Driver

Honda Shadow is a great bike. It will take you anywhere you want to go, and you can't beat Honda reliability. Kudos on the Nighthawk! Hope you hold onto it.

Have a safe riding season.