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1989 560SL

Looking at purchasing. It has 215,000Km on it, new tires, brakes, etc. Interior is near flawless. Runs excellent. It was recently painted top to bottom, in and out, but not the original colour. You would never know looking at it anywhere. It was down right. My concern is how this impacts the value and the potential for appreciating, if at all.


Any thoughts?

Intermediate Driver

Hi Rick, just a couple of thoughts on that 89 560 SL. Mercedes-Benz built the R107 from 1972 to 1989 and so the 1989 is at the top of the ziggurat as far as the 107 SL's go.  Keep in mind that there were approximately 250,000  107's built over that time span, so as far as appreciation, generally only low mileage all original vehicles have a chance of appreciating. The provenance of the car that you are considering purchasing should be looked at, including location of original purchase, where it has "lived" all it's life, and in particular why it was painted.    If you are looking at purchasing a "classic" vehicle in the hopes of it appreciating, you might be better off looking at something else.  These cars are solid drivers and are especially well-suited to long-distance cruising, and you can have may years of motoring fun if you buy it.  Hope this helps.

New Driver

Thanks Oldman. The car was painted because they didn't like the creamy yellow original colour. Also, it spent many years in the state of Florida. I will continue to research.

Community Manager

@Oldmanhiker hit the nail on the head. This is a pretty common vehicle by classic car standards and only the museum quality ones will fetch top dollar.  With that mileage, that sounds like a great driver and should be priced accordingly. 

Also make sure it has a lot of maintenance records! These cars can be pricey to get sorted. 

New Driver

@Rick53: I acquired a 1985 380SL about a year ago with 117,000 miles; similar mileage as the one you are considering.  It had a decent maintenance history/documentation from the last previous owner who had owned it since 2008 in South Carolina.  It was a California car originally, but it set in Florida for 3 to 4 years before going to the individual from whom I purchased.   He took care of most of the deferred maintenance items and drove it about 1000 miles per year and turned over records of what work he did or had done.  So I agree with @Sajeev; look for maintenance records, but understand that these are 30 plus year old cars and unless you happen to find one which was maintained by a MB fanatic you will likely have many things that will still need attention after your purchase.  Such as motor mounts, suspension/subframe bushings, hoses, belts, fuel system filter and pump pieces, AC, engine chain guides/tensioner/chains.  It is likely that some of the these items will be original.  At least some of them will need attention because of both mileage and age and can be expensive even if you are able to do all the work yourself.  FYI, bite the bullet and purchase true Mercedes parts; they usually cost more but do last longer.  BTW, is a good online resource and support group.


All that said, the R107 is a really pleasant, solid, nice driving grand touring car.  I enjoy driving mine and will probably put about a 1000 miles on it by the end of my first year of ownership.  I also agree with @Oldmanhiker they are fairly common so they are not going to appreciate due to rarity, but well maintained, regularly driven SLs that don't require extensive sorting should hold their value with maybe some slight upside potential for appreciation.  My thoughts anyway.  Best of luck.

New Driver

Thanks @clifaustin 


I decided to forego the 560SL and just purchased a 1983 380SL Grey on grey. Like you say, these are aged, 38 yo in this case, and it has a few minor cosmetic issues. Runs and rides really nice and I expect to have nit on the road before the weekend.

I have always loved all the R107s and wanted one, and in a few days ...