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B2000s 4th gen



I have a fondness for the 1985-98 B series trucks sold in North America. My two best friends in high school both drove examples (an 87 and 92) extended cabs with stick shift. They lived hard long lives in retrospect but answered the bell. I spent a lot of time on those goofy flat cushion "seats" in the back of the cab.


I even got one a few years later --an 86 regular cab automatic that the frame was rotten in half right at the cab/box seam. I patched it up (effectively but ugly). Wish I had kept it. Only rarely see an example come up for sale and they are usually hacked corpses.


Blows my mind that Mazda doesn't offer a little truck still (in North America... they have a medium sized thing internationally).

Community Manager

I've heard a lot of reasons why the compact truck (not just Mazda) died here, and both the Chicken Tax and Cafe regulations (i.e. the footprint formula) are possible culprits.  Even if the automakers don't want to make almost no money on $18,000 compact trucks and instead focus on mid-size and full-sizers, you can bet that their dealers love financing them to credit challenged folks that would love a new truck instead of someone's leftovers.  

Course I might be opinionated on that last part, as I used to work in the retail side of things and I own one of the last compact Ford Rangers.