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VIDEO: How to convert to Electronic Ignition - 1967 Porsche 911S

Few systems on an old car offer more potential for persistent troubles than the ignition system. Points, rotor, condenser, cap, coil and wires can and do fail. A modern electronic ignition conversion can eliminate pesky points, have a look at these videos on how to make the conversion for yourself! 





Great vid. Don't own a Porsche, but converted my '65 Galaxie to the Ignitor 1 system. A word of caution though: The Pertronix setups require a full 12 volts to operate. If you convert and the car runs great for about 20 minutes but starts to cut out at low rpms, or for instance at a stop light, then it isn't getting the full 12v. In that case, you will either want to bypass, like in my case, the resistor wire (I actually just installed the 12v relay Pertronix sells), or the ballast resistor if your car has one. Aside from that, it is pretty straight forward.