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VIDEO: How to Bend & Flare brake or fuel lines

Hagerty's Kyle Smith walks you through how to properly bend brake or fuel lines in the first video, and in the second video, how to properly create an SAE/double/inverted flare on your brake and fuel lines for your classic car.



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  • Very limited experience with duplicating lines, and what little I have was with my old domestic car.  Might be a silly question but are all the lines and fittings SAE or does one have to buy separate tooling for metric on imports? 
Community Manager

That's a good question!  Apparently there are SAE and Metric nuts but the lines themselves are probably universal. 


The kit I have has both metric and SAE fittings, although since I no longer live in the rust belt will probably have the newer cars traded off before they will EVER need brake lines so the metric fittings have just gathered dust.