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VIDEO: Different types of Soldering Connections

Let Hagerty’s own Matt Lewis demonstrate how to solder your wires together, whether you’re joining them side by side, inline, to an existing circuit, or to a terminal. Soon enough you’ll be able to be able forgo the flimsy wire nuts and less reliable scotch locks and be confident that no matter how much your car vibrates, the wiring will hold.



Although done before I saw the vid, I have used the end to end, or butt connection as I call it, numerous times in my cars as well as when I was a motorcycle tech. As you said, it makes a clean connection once you heat shrink it. 


Great vid!

New Driver


enjoyed video on proper “solid” connections. I’m wondering if you can provide some insight on how to remove a pin from connecting block. I was replacing the electric antenna in my 87 560 SL when the ground wire came loose from the pin inside the pigtail that plugs into the antenna if I can remove the pin I can reattach it but not quite sure how to take it out. 
I can send pics to illustrate the problem. 


Hagerty Employee

@F100mg Images would be very helpful. I believe the factory antenna connector behind the radio looks like the attached image. If so, you'll either have to buy a blank (antenna end without wires connected) or try to disassemble the current one and resolder both connections. The important thing to keep in mind is the ground on that antenna cable acts as a shield. That's why they braid it around the center conductor. If there are gaps in coverage for that antenna ground, it will change the frequency tuning of your antenna and degrade reception.

New Driver

Thanks for response. I would like to send some pics so you can see what connection I am discussing. If you can provide an email I can send.

Not sure how to load or send pic without email.