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Success !!!

Hello All,


Mods if you want to move this to Maint. and Tech feel free.


Well after struggling to shift gears for a while due to worn steering column hub I tackled the rebuild.


New/Used hub.

New shift lever.

Used shifter lever spring clip and roll pin.

New tension spring.

New auto cancel cam, for turn signal.

New/used turn signal lever, old one was broken off.


I had 3 hubs from swap meets 2 were wrong, the 3 rd one worked but was different from the one removed, but appears to work, see video.


Oh, also centered the steering wheel it was about 10 degrees off after the power steering conversion. Painted the horn button blue too.


Very happy with result.




Community Manager

Great work!  Must feel nice to run through the gears now! 


Yes, I think this is better suited to our Maintenance & Tech forum.  Gonna move it there now. 


Sajeev, wasn't sure as it really wasn't a how to or tutorial just the result.
Community Manager

It's both, honestly 🙂 


Nothing more satisfying than doing the job yourself. Glad it worked for you. The fabled old three on the tree. I remember my Dad letting me steer his old truck and shift the gears back when I was 5. Loved it. It was an even better treat when I got to shift the four speed in his Super Bee. That Hurst Four speed poking through the floor just looked slick with the T-Handle. The column shifted manual is a thing of beauty when it's working right.