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New Driver

Rochester model B carburetor needed.

Hello everyone,


I am new to the community. My 1963 Chevrolet C30 with a 292 inline six needs a new Rochester B carburetor model 7023013. I have been striking out searching. Does anyone have a web site, business or phone number I can try?


Thanking you in advance


Advanced Driver

Gosh, I wouldn’t have thought it would be so hard to come by one of those. No first hand experience but thinking it wasn’t  limited to just the C30 and fairly common. 
I did see a video on a rebuild from “Mike’s Carburetor Parts (.com) and they show rebuild parts.
Sounds like a small cottage-type site. If you need the entire carb might try contacting him directly. 

Community Manager

eBay is generally a great tool for parts like these, one of these auctions should fit the bill:

New Driver

Thank you for the replies.